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...All of our "Toe Rings" are Fine Body Jewelry....

Yellow GoldWe do offer a FREE Toe Ring sizer to accurately measure your toe size.
Simply mail a .49 Cent (minimum), "Self-Addressed" STAMPED envelope to:
Maui Toe Rings - P.O. Box 1014, Haiku, Hawaii 96708-1014

We will mail you a free "Multisizer Ring Gauge". This handy durable unit is
accurate so that you (and your friends) can order the proper and most comfortable size.

Please use Option #1 or #3 bellow to calculate an immediate size for your ring.
Option #1: Fast Measuring Tip!
Use a fine string to wrap around your toe or finger and then measure the
total length in millimeters or inches. When you have figured the measurement,
proceed in purchasing your favorite toe ring. Once you are in our secure shopping carts,
you can ignore the Size Menu.
When your order has been completed, you will receive an
e-mail receipt with an invoice number. Use that invoice number or your name as to reference and
then e-mail back your string measurement.

We will be able to convert your size properly once we have received your measurement.

If you need further assistance in measuring, please call our local number in Maui Hawaii (808) 575-2400.
Option #2: FREE Accurate Toe Ring Sizer
Option #3: Printable Toe Ring Sizer
Step One Toe Ring Sizer STEP ONE
This free Multisizer works like a
belt. Turn and push end through
to form a ring shape.

Step Two Toe Ring Sizer STEP TWO
Slip onto finger (toe).
Adjust to a comfortable fit
that slips over knuckles or
toes without difficulty.

Step Three Toe Ring Sizer STEP THREE
Read the indicated size
where the arrow points after
determining the best fit.
That is your size!

(Print this measuring device to your printer and
then cut and follow the measuring instructions.)

Printable Toe Ring Sizer

Print this page and cut out the sizing tool, directly on
the border line.

Place the edge where the word "Wrap" begins, on top
of your toe center. (You may use a tape to secure the
paper to your toe), and then wrap the paper towards the
arrow direction snugly around toe tip.

Once the paper is wraped around your toe, mark the
smallest size where the numbers meet the edge.

Make sure to place the sizer snugly, not very loose
around the toe and record the smallest size. This tool
should print at just under 2-1/2 inches.

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